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Experience the way we define sustainability and the projects we initiate to pay something back to our environment as well as our responsibility for the society - especially our customers and employees.

CO² Sustainability

We are working on projects to reduce our carbon footprint. The starting point is the inventory, on the basis of which we derive our goals and measures that we want to implement. These points are on the agenda of almost all review meetings with our shareholders. We also regularly exchange information with the affiliates, and in the meantime the exchange between the affiliates is also increasing significantly.

Long Term Values
Sustainable Customer Relationships

Sustainable Customer Relationships

One of our group's central beliefs is the claim that turnover should be achieved with products or services that create the most comprehensible benefit possible for our customers. For example, our corporate customers spend money on software and services because they can measurably reduces the effort required for processes, or because it helps them to better achieve their goals. Our goal is that all of our group's revenues are based on such "win : win" situations: our customers benefit by using our products, and in return they return part of their productivity gain to us as revenue. The resulting profits are therefore good, sustainable profits for us.

Giving Purpose to our Employees Work

With our emphasis that sustainable sales is based on comprehensible customer benefits, we give our employees the feeling that their company is doing something meaningful - it makes its customers more successful.
We believe this is a central tenet of 'purpose' - the search of many employees for an employer where they can give something back to society.

But 'purpose' at MedNet EC-Rep encompasses more. For example we support young people with a successful degree by trianing them, integrating refugees or initiating charity projects.

Employees MedNet EC-REP GmbH
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Join the team

We believe in the power of a strong and motivated team. We are looking for talented people to join us in our mission of shaping the future of healthcare. Browse our vacancies to find the job that matches your skills and ambitions.

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